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Reverend Brother Patrick was a great personality, who lived primarily for the society work and social change for over 60 years. He established a social work organization in 1996 and dedicated his lifetime for the society. After his demise, we who traveled with him established the “Reverend Brother Patrick Foundation” and sought to continue his desires, dreams, and goals in the society.

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“Make the world a better place for the less privileged, particularly women ...

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Focus on Community Development as a process of sustainable development.

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Work towards an integrated approach benefitting the entire community

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Rev. Bro. Patrick Foundation formed with an aim of making the ...

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RPBF aims at identifying
and helping children with special needs

We focus on different localities by taking surveys and identifying the needs of the special children in Chennai and Kanchipuram Districts of Tamil Nadu. RBPF runs an exclusive day care centre at Ottiyambakkam village, Kanchipuram, where the children are provided with medical assistance, physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help them overcome their disabilities, and trained professionals help them in studying. We also create awareness among school children about the special needs of children with disability thus helping them integrate with the community.