what we do

Children with Disability

RPBF aims at identifying and helping children with special needs and their families. We focus on different localities by taking surveys and identifying the needs of the special children in Chennai and Kanchipuram Districts of Tamil Nadu. RBPF runs an exclusive day care centre at Ottiyambakkam village, Kanchipuram, where the children are provided with medical assistance, physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help them overcome their disabilities, and trained professionals help them in studying. We also create awareness among school children about the special needs of children with disability thus helping them integrate with the community.


Child Labour Rehabilitation

Child labour is a curse and a menace across the Indian subcontinent. RBPF has been actively involved in rehabilitation of child labourers and street children from its very inception. The intervention for the elimination of child labour and prevention of school dropouts includes:

  • Rescue of Child Labourers
  • Admit them in Special Training Centres(STCs)
  • Enrolment of the children in formal schools
  • Education materials distribution
  • Counseling the parents / guardian and provide them training focusing on income generation
  • Follow-up with the parents, school teachers and monitor the academic performance of the children

Evening Tuition Centres

RPBF conducts evening tuitions for children belonging from rural and tribal communities. This helps them gain confidence and gain a better sense of understanding as they might not be able to cope with the educational standards of schools due to their lack of exposure towards education. Currently, the evening study centres are training 64 children belonging to the tribal and rural communities.


Kutties Sangamam (Talent Shows)

RBPF conducts Kutties Sangamam every year since its inception. This event serves a platform for kids belonging to the various deprived communities to showcase their talent as these kids have not been given any such opportunity to express themselves. This talent show helps in developing a better future of the children by boosting their confidence and harnessing their talent.

Summer Camps & Training

RBPF conducts summer camps and training programmes for children belonging to the tribal and rural communities. These camps consist of games and activities, which ensure the children have fun with added educational benefits focusing on building their memory, improving their quantitative & qualitative knowledge.



At RBPF, we strongly believe that the youth of today will be the future of tomorrow. Hence, we provide various counseling services for the youth to help them overcome their socio-psychological and economic problems. We also conduct various seminars for youth on health-related issues and teach them how to deal with it.

Career Guidance

RBPF also provides educational and career guidance to the youth by helping them understand their talent and skills so that they can choose a path based on their innate skills and interests.


Women Self-Help Groups (SHGs)

RBPF firmly believes that empowerment of women leads to empowerment of families and from there to the whole community and the country. This ongoing program consists of awareness creation, recruitment, training, formation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs), availing of bank loans, income generation activities, etc.
About 115 such groups consisting of 1,840 members have already formed SHGs and more are being inducted by the day. The result? Improvement in the lives of women and their families is apparent and most encouraging. It has been proved that given the opportunity women can reach great heights and uplift their families and communities.

Livelihood / Skill Training

RBPF also trains women with various skills that help them get job opportunities and make them self-reliant. These skills also help them to run their families and get to learn the tips and tricks of successful and healthy livelihood. RBPF also runs a tailoring unit in Kanchipuram District and provides a 6-month certified course for women.
We also train women in kitchen garden and roof top garden and support them with their business ideas. We help them by getting economic support (via loans) from the State Government and reputed banks.


Elderly Care Units

RBPF believes in “taking care of those who once took care of us”. We want senior citizens to enjoy a respectful and dignified life in their local community where they feel secure and loved. We provide counseling for the elderly and their families regarding their personal, emotional and financial problems. We also conduct group counseling sessions, so there is a bonding between the elders, and they feel included and active. We also celebrate “International Day for Older Persons” every year. We have started two ‘Elderly Care Units’ which focus on the holistic well-being of senior citizens. Forty-three elders from the locality have joined as members, and they regularly attend the daily sessions for two hours in the evenings. We also conduct several health camps for these elders to support them.


Tribal Development

RBPF wants to transform the lives of people belonging to the tribal communities by empowering and rehabilitating them. We have adopted 71 families belonging from various tribal zones, and we support and train them to lead a decent life. RBPF strongly believes that every child is equal. Due to lack of exposure and resources, children from tribal communities are facing various problems. In order to help them and rehabilitate them, we are conducting numerous trainings and workshops that include games and activities that help them in developing their memory, preparing for exams, and in developing their overall personality. We also conduct evening tuitions, so they can get proper educational support.


Holistic Health Care

Health is very essential for a self-reliant and progressive community. RBPF believes in preventive care and in addition, we also provide curative services through several medical camps. This holistic health care programme consists of providing comprehensive care, counseling, awareness, check-ups and treatment. We network with ten major healthcare providers and institutions in Chennai and Kanchipuram districts for this. Over the past few years, our partnerships with various hospitals and medical practitioners have benefited thousands of people in urban slums, remote rural areas and in natural disaster zones through timely health camps and medical support.



With rapid urbanization and rising consumption of goods and services, India is facing a massive solid waste management challenge. Especially plastic waste management has become a huge challenge. RBPF aims at eliminating excessive solid waste and disposing the waste properly in the project areas. We spread awareness on this and try to educate women in the communities where we work. We also conduct awareness programmes for school children on the deteriorating condition of our environment due to excessive pollution and use of toxic materials. RBPF also promotes green concepts like kitchen gardening and rooftop gardening among households in Chennai by providing proper training by the experts.

Through this initiative, we also provide:

  • – Awareness on health and hygiene concepts to school children
  • – Awareness to stop using plastic bags / products
  • – Training on segregation of solid waste
  • – Training on organic manure production from solid waste

Chennai Flood – 2015

After Chennai witnessed the worst rainfall in 100 years that left many people helpless and homeless, the RBPF swung into action and helped people who were affected by the floods. We supported various families in Chennai and Kanchipuram by providing basic necessities like food, dry ration, and household items.


Vardah Cyclone – 2016

Cyclone Vardah left the city in a paralytic state. The hurricane-strength storm resulted in severe damage to the buildings, homes and properties, uprooted trees, and electric poles that resulted in power outages for hours in the city. During this calamity, RBPF helped the tribal community at Ottiyambakkam by providing them with dry ration, food and other basic requirements.