who we are

Our history

Reverend Brother Patrick was a great personality, who lived primarily for the society work and social change for over 60 years. He established a social work organization in 1996 and dedicated his lifetime for the society. After his demise, we who traveled with him established the “Reverend Brother Patrick Foundation” and sought to continue his desires, dreams, and goals in the society. In memory of Rev. Bro. Patrick, the RBP Foundation was registered on 29th September 2015 under the Indian Trust Act 1882. We implemented this social work organization which not only carry his vision, mission, and strategy but also upholds the valuable philosophy he practiced in his work and personal life and make this society a better place to live in.

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“Make the world a better place for the less privileged, particularly women, children and people with disabilities”.


  • ► Focus on Community Development as a process of sustainable development.
  • ► Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) centers to integrate disabled children into the mainstream society rather than create a special environment for them.
  • ► Educate children in difficult circumstances through Special Coaching Centre
  • ► Empower women in all possible ways
  • ► Care for the Aged through Elder care units
  • ► Community Health Care for poor and people living in rural and tribal villages
  • ► Preserve biodiversity and to promote awareness on ecological issues


  • ► Work towards an integrated approach benefitting the entire community
  • ► Empower women and through them the whole family & community
  • ► Emphasize on depth & Quality rather than spreading it too wide & thin


Rev. Bro. Patrick Foundation formed with an aim of making the world a better place for the less privileged. RBPF focuses on improving the life of people who are suffering, by bringing changes in their lives by providing love and care and giving the professional help and rehabilitating them. We aim at bringing economical and social improvements in the community with the help of the people by spreading awareness. We also truly believe in helping and nurturing everyone who is in need of guidance and making positive changes in their life. Every initiatives of RBPF are based on dedication, innovation, partnership and result oriented.